About insitro
insitro will integrate cutting-edge machine learning techniques with the ground-breaking innovations that have occurred in life sciences that enable the creation of the large, high-quality data sets. We will collect and use a range of very large data sets to train ML models to help address key problems in the drug discovery and development process.
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Our location
279 East Grand Avenue
South San Francisco, California 94080
The investors
insitro is fortunate to have strong support from the top investors in both biotech and tech providing their experience, their networks, and their capital to insitro.
Robert nelsen
Robert Nelsen
ARCH Ventures
Jim tananbaum
Jim Tananbaum
Foresite Capital
Vijay pande
Vijay Pande
Krishna yeshwant
Krishna Yeshwant
Reid huber
Reid Huber, Ph.D.
Third Rock Ventures