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The start-up striving to accelerate drug discovery

Insitro is attempting to create an equal partnership between the life sciences and computer sciences.

Insitro Lands Three-Year Deal With Gilead to Find New NASH Drugs

Drug discovery startup Insitro burst onto the scene last year with ambitions of using machine learning techniques to find new therapies. Now the company has its first pharmaceutical partner. Gilead Sciences will work with Insitro to find medicines to treat a liver disease, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), that is fast becoming a global epidemic fueled by poor diet and lack of exercise.

Stealthy Insitro opens up—starting with Gilead deal worth up to $1.05B

Daphne Koller’s Insitro launched last May with a blog post detailing an ambitious goal: to harness data and machine learning in the creation of a new approach to drug discovery. The post painted a broad vision of what machine learning has already achieved in other industries and how it might transform the way biotech works, but without getting into the weeds.

In a test for AI, a buzzy machine learning startup inks drug discovery deal with Gilead

SAN FRANCISCO — It took only a single, one-hour meeting in a Starbucks to convince venture capitalist Robert Nelsen that he was going to invest in the company being built by machine-learning whiz Daphne Koller. “She’s just an amazing force of nature,” said Nelsen, who invests for ARCH Venture Partners.

Gilead teams with startup to turn machine learning on fatty liver disease

Even before much of the world last year found out about Daphne Koller’s machine-learning-driven drug development company, she was invited to speak to Gilead Sciences Inc. scientists. The ensuing conversations have led Koller’s Insitro to formally work with Gilead to find new targets for drugs to attack one of the hottest areas in drug development.

Gilead Sciences, insitro Launch Up-to-$1B+ AI-Based NASH Drug Collaboration

Gilead Sciences will use the AI-based platform of insitro to discover and develop treatments for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), the companies said today, through a collaboration that could generate more than $1 billion for the South San Francisco, CA, startup focused on drug development using machine learning and data science tools.

A Jeff Bezos-backed startup just inked a deal with $84 billion biotech Gilead to make drugs for a troubling and increasingly common disease

The world’s leading drug companies are racing to capitalize on the $35 billion market for an emerging disease believed to affect 16 million Americans.

With $150M and a new NASH discovery deal with Gilead, AI star Daphne Koller has set out to change the drug R&D world

Daphne Koller spent the last year quietly putting together one of the biggest plays in biopharma AI. And backed by some of the deepest pockets in biotech, she’s now marking a key turning point for her fledgling startup insitro by forming a fresh R&D alliance with Gilead.

Gilead and insitro Announce Strategic Collaboration to Discover and Develop Novel Therapies for Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

Gilead Sciences Inc. (Nasdaq: GILD) and insitro announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic collaboration to discover and develop therapies for patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

On GPS: Koller talks AI & healthcare

Will A.I. find the cure for what ails you? Daphne Koller tells Fareed about how artificial intelligence can help save lives.

Daphne Koller, Founder & CEO of Insitro - In Conversation with Carlos Bustamante

Dr. Daphne Koller and Dr. Carlos Bustamante discuss machine learning, drug discovery, Eroom’s Law, and how data science is revolutionizing the life sciences.

Samsung CEO Summit: Human Biology through the Lens of Data

Declaring herself ‘bilingual’ in both machine learning and biology, Daphne Koller outlined the trajectory toward the integration of data and biology that will revolutionize medicine.

Out to ‘rethink the drug design process,’ AI star Daphne Koller is creating a new machine learning venture at insitro with some heavyweight backers

Daphne Koller has been busy.

Just two months since the high profile AI expert exited Google’s anti-aging biotech Calico Labs, where she was chief computing officer, Koller has gathered a group of marquee investors to back a tech upstart — insitro — with plans to develop a machine learning platform equipped with custom-built datasets to create a new and far more efficient approach to drug discovery and development…

Daphne Koller, A-list backers unite to create machine learning drug R&D startup

Daphne Koller has unveiled her next goal: improving drug R&D. The ex-Calico AI expert plans to enlist data and machines to address shortcomings in drug discovery and development—and she has persuaded a stellar investment syndicate to bankroll the work…

AI researcher Daphne Koller heading new machine learning drug discovery venture

In a recent blog post, Daphne Koller — an artificial intelligence researcher at the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University and, until just a few months ago, chief computing officer at Alphabet’s Calico Labs — announced her up-and-coming foray into machine learning-powered drug discovery…

Backed by big-name VCs, this startup is turning machine learning on drug discovery

Daphne Koller, the former ed-tech entrepreneur who jumped to anti-aging drug research company Calico, is launching a company turning machine learning on drug discovery and development with the backing of prominent biotech venture capital firms at the intersection of tech and biotech…