Our aspiration is to create the next-generation drug discovery and development company.

Do you have what it takes?

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A unique culture to push the boundaries of drug discovery

At insitro, we are building a unique culture where life scientists, data scientists, engineers, and drug hunters work together to identify the most important questions, design and scale experiments, build models, and analyze the results. We are disciplined risk-takers willing to push boundaries. Backed by the power of predictive models, we let the data lead us to how drug discovery and development could and should be done as opposed to relying on how it has been done.

The discovery platform we're building at insitro is incredibly ambitious. I'm continually inspired by what we're working on here.

Kathryn Iverson

Lead Data Engineer

Join our exceptional, growing team

Our team is comprised of a rare group of talented individuals who are able to collaborate effectively across multiple functional areas and bring together ideas and tools from both life sciences and machine learning. We are always looking for exceptional talent to join our growing team and help accelerate our journey to create the next-generation drug discovery and development company. If you want to help lead the way to delivering better medicines for more patients at a lower cost, check out our openings below or contact us.

I came to insitro because ML lets us do the right experiments for drug discovery, guided not by what we could analyze, but by what we should analyze.

Ci Chu

Principal Scientist